The Concept



What is FollowFellow ?

This is a revolutionary 2.0 concept which helps the worlds’ growing need to find fellows’ activities on location.

Specific development of Nature-, Human- and/or Animal-Aid Projects but also normal work, school,

sports and other experiences can be combined in this concept.


shows perfectly (in Photo / Video detail) where fellows (and “their projects”) are located, living, working, heading, etc. Our concept is also easy to implement and helps tracking situations where needed.

Our Mission

To help reduce and create more awareness of poverty, social deprivation and morally violations in the world.

FollowFellow will also unite the people of our planet; “the rich to the poor” and vice versa!

Where the “poor” can show their location, work and effort in real time, the “rich” know where their donation is being spent and how their specific project is developing.

It will reduce social “deprivations and violations” widely and all of this via the new “Social Media” and Web 2.0 !

How to do it ?

Combining the Internet, Virtual Reality, Mobile Data, WIFI, Access Points, other new Network Systems, RFID and portable Send-/Transmission-Keys (STK’s).

Together with partners, companies, institutions and individuals via an unique Micro Community Funding (MCF) Concept, FollowFellow can build and provide you access to all areas through GPS , BEIDOU and in near future GALILEO Navigation.

Our Platform

All Fellows (companies, (charity) institutions and individuals) could have their own specific webpage within the FollowFellow platform / website.

A Fellow Follower can then check (on this specific webpage), where their “Fellows” are located, what they are doing and all of this in-real-time via Earth / Maps / Latitude etc. !
Angels, Sherpas &

Key Fellows NEEDED!